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Here at ’Top Web Information’ I will be sharing all my experience during my journey from a content writer to an independently earning blogger.
After my graduation in IT, I started my career in hosting industry. After few years of experience in this industry, I decided to implement my experience in the industry and passion for writing in a blog and earn something on my own. I created a site and filled in with the contents of my interest. However, I had no much idea about marketing my site. Articles I read gave me just a blur picture of what I can do next. So I joined a Digital Marketing Firm as an intern and worked there for some time. After that it was me and my blog. Within a short period of time I was an independent earning blogger.
During this journey I noticed one thing whenever I tried to refer internet for any help, there were articles everywhere by the experts in the industry which a beginner in the industry would find difficult to understand.  This is the reason why I thought of creating ‘Top Web Information’.  Here I will be sharing all my experience related to creation of the website, filling in the right content, marketing the content, earning using your site, bringing in more traffic and much more in simple words without any complicated technical terms. This is the blog for those who want to set up their own business online and make it a piece of asset for themselves just like me.
I’m not an expert in any of these. But I want to share whatever I’ve learnt and learn some more from all those who can share their experience here. Happy Blogging!
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