Friday, 15 January 2016

How to get your blog Google AdSense approved?

If you type this question into Google search, you will find tons of posts describing you the tricks and tips on how to get this done. You have probably gone through few of them already before you reached here.

As I was trying to get mine approved by Google, even I have gone through these and even have tried to follow them honestly. But eventually I learned that none of them actually matter. One and only thing matter to the Google is, your blog or website is a Genuine one and you are here to actually share your original content on the internet. That’s it.

Now how do you verify if your website can prove itself as a genuine one?

Quality Content: The utmost important condition for your blog to be considered by Google Adsense is the quality of the content. They must be “original”. There shouldn’t be any compromise in this. Remember that Google wants to be assured that your intention is to provide your visitors with useful information/contents.

Niche Specific:  All your posts must be pertaining to a single niche. Say one day you write about ‘Pet care’ in your blog and suddenly tomorrow you write on ‘How your power yoga classes have helped you shedding your weight’ and another day your write about that ‘broccoli salad’ you made. That will not do. All the post you publish must be some how related to some basic niche and have one common 'Intention'. Google wants to know what exactly your visitor is interested in and will place the ads pertaining to the same niche and hence unless your blog can attract visitors interested in a certain niche, your blog is of no use to Google.

Content Size: You might have read on internet that the size of each article must be atleast 200 words, or 250 words or some say even 500 words for your blog to get approved of AdSense. This actually isn’t necessary. Until you are providing meaningful information and consistently providing information, it doesn’t matter what is the size.

Image Quality: A decent image adding value to your write-up is fine for the Google. You need not worry on getting a professional, high resolution photographs. One of my blogs where I mostly have photographs clicked using my average phone camera along with the write-ups has been approved by Google.

Minimum Traffic: I’ve been reading in many blogs that there should be a minimum of 50 visitors every day, only then AdSense would be approved for the blog. But, the same blog of mine which I mentioned earlier had only 20 to 25 or sometimes even less traffic when it was approved by Google. Until you have content that is useful for anyone who visits your site, it holds the chance to get approved .No matter what is the visitor count, if the count is real then it doesn’t matter. (Real Traffic is the traffic which you get through Search Engines, Social Media and other such means where people visit your site because they want to read what you have shared and not just redirected from some other sites unknowingly, which happens in some cases of fraudulent clicks )

Minimum Posts: ‘In certain countries like India and China, there is a requirement of 6 month for domain to apply for AdSense’. This is a myth. I’m an Indian and my account was approved by Google in just 3 months. There are lots of myths around the number of posts as well. Some say there should be atleast 50 posts, which is also not really true. I applied as soon as I felt that there is enough content on the blog to keep a visitor engaged for atleast few minutes.

I hope these little points will encourage you start earning from your blog through Google Ads. Happy Blogging!

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