Saturday, 2 May 2015

Virtual Private Server

What is Virtual Private Server Website Hosting?

Virtual Private Sever or VPS hosting is combination of both dedicated and shared hosting.  Here a part of a server is dedicated to a single website. The server will be shared by many sites, but one part of the server will be assigned to each site on that server. This makes it a combination of both dedicated and shared server. Even there is an entire server dedicated to a single site, there is a part of server which is entirely dedicated to that particular site. Even though there is lot more flexibility and control in this type when compared to shared hosting and it is definitely less cost effective compared to dedicated hosting, there might be certain complications. Limitations by the service provider may often be confusing. Hence, it is necessary to choose one which has the features best suited for your site.   

  •  It is definitely more cost-effective than dedicated hosting.
  •  It is easy to modify and upgrade the virtual servers.
  •  VPS gives access to the server and enable to control few sever function.
  •  Better performance and control compared shared in a price much lesser than dedicated.
  • Powerful database support.
  •  Software of your choice can be installed.
  •  Users share software components.
  • Much expensive compared to shared hosting.
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