Saturday, 2 May 2015

Shared Hosting

What is Shared Website Hosting?

When multiple websites are hosted on the same web server, it is Shared hosting. It is called virtual hosting. This is most basic and simple type of hosting. This is suitable for personal, hobby or small business websites. When you purchase a shared hosting, you are provided with the space for storing your files online on the server which is shared by multiple users just like you.  Saving files online will enable you and other internet users to access your website files online.  This is most affordable and suitable for small business and also medium businesses. Most of the shared hosting services provide unlimited diskspace and bandwidth, though most of the website user do not use large amount of diskspace and bandwidth, only few users use the entire amount provided.

Since an efficient server is shared by all the hosting accounts, there is reliability of a good server at exceptionally lower price compared to having your own servers. Shared hosting is an appropriate choice for many users, but not right for everyone. Those with high end technical requirements and want to control the entire server and website, you may need other hosting than a shared hosting. Additionally, if you have a large and extremely active site, you may need more server resources than shared hosting provides.

  • Low cost
  • Suitable for small business and websites with an average traffic.
  • Multiple software options.
  • Own Domain name.
  • Good Support.

  • Comparatively less security since many sites are hosted on one server.
  • Restrictions on traffic volumes.
  • Restricted database support.
  • Restricted software support.
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