Saturday, 2 May 2015

iPage Shared Hosting

iPage is the first name I would suggest, if you are a beginner trying to experiment with your small business website.  Most important reason is the price. iPage.com provides one of the cheapest priced shared hosting.

Shared Hosting are usually meant for Small to Medium business websites. (You can know more about Shared Hosting here.) Same holds for iPage Shared hosting as well. Additionally they have collection of features that enables almost anyone to set up their website online and start business. Here’s a list of such features which I feel makes setting up your website a breeze. 

It’s hard to imagine beginning any work without proper guidance. But professional help usually comes very expensive. But iPage even with their cheapest hosting packages or even with the free parking accounts provide free and very efficient Email, Chat and Phone support 24/7. Support is known for their helpfulness, patience and knowledge. 

There are easy to use website builder tools, using which those with zero technical knowledge can also easily create a website within few minutes. Tools like Weebly drag and drop makes creating a website a child’s play and there are other website builder tools available at the control panel as well. 

There are lot of options to facilitate your website marketing. They provide various ad credits, using these credits one can start their online marketing campaign.
Also there’s a service to do everything needed to make a site top ranking. Of course this service is not free. 

Special Advantage:
One more thing which I like the most is even though iPage provides cheapest hosting they give the best referral credits in the market.  Yes, if you want to earn some extra dollars in your account, iPage is the one which provides highest affiliate credits or cash. 

iPage is the best host one can have if you have a small business and a shared server is sufficient for your hosting needs.
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