Sunday, 3 May 2015

Dedicated Hosting

What is a Dedicated Webhosting? 
When you purchase a dedicated hosting an entire server is dedicated to serve your single account. This is why it is called dedicated web hosting. You may purchase your own server or rent a server paying to the server owner just like you pay for any other hosting accounts. If you own a server and have it stored in someone else's facility, it is known as collocation hosting. In any of this type of dedicated hosting, the use and administration of the server will be in your control, since the server is dedicated to your site alone. This enables all the aspects to be manageable. So a dedicated hosting is best suited for a website which requires lot of server space and bandwidth also when you want to create a large site for company with lot of technical resources.

Since this type of hosting is bit expensive compared to the others, you may also need strong financial resource. Because of the same reason, this may not be suggestible for small and medium companies. Other than this reason, there are plenty of other reasons because of which smaller companies may not prefer this hosting like maintaining such hosting needs higher technical skills. Hence, people new to this field definitely shouldn't go for this type.


  • Suitable for websites with higher traffic.
  • You can have multiple domain names.
  • Efficient email solutions.
  • Efficient database support.
  • Strong software support.
  • Comparatively expensive.
  • One needs to have better technical skills to be able to maintain such a hosting account.

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