Friday, 20 March 2015

Website and Mobile

In my last post, I had mentioned how important a mobile phone is for our online business. Now let’s see how exactly it affects our website traffic. 

We all have set of visitors to our sites who prefer using their phones rather than any other means. Hence, if we do not have a mobile friendly website, we may lose these set of customers easily. We have to make sure that our hosting provider and website developer are both aware of this requirement. Most of the services providers do realise the importance of a mobile friendly website. But to be on safer side, its better we confirm it with them. 

Now if you have an informational website like mine, this requirement may not seem that critical. One reason for this is people usually visit these sites at their leisure time from office or home, where the alternate options to the mobile are available. The other reason is there isn’t much of difference in the mobile friendly versions and the web versions for such sites. You just need to make sure all those plugins, embedded stuffs, pop ups or any other additional features you have added to your site works without any issue with the phones.
But if you have a website which offers any kind of service or products then not having a mobile version will be critical loss for your site. One might need such service or a product anytime and anywhere, Hence visitors prefer to be able to access them from mobile phones. You must make sure you have all those feature accessible on our site via web is also accessible via a mobile phone. Make sure to check the mobile versions properly to see if the entire interface is as easier as in the original website.
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