Friday, 20 March 2015

Google+ Vs Rest of the Social Media

When I started using social media for my business in the beginning it was Twitter which let me make connection quite easily when compared to other social medias. Making people follow you seemed comparatively easier to me.  I have even mentioned about this in my last post. But when I checked my month end analysis report, I was quite surprised to see that I was able to get only 3% of my traffic via Twitter and none of them turned to sales. But anyways that is fine right now, because I’m concentrating just on getting a good traffic for now.

One more thing in the report which surprised me was that the highest traffic from social media which was 17% was received from Google+ because making connection via G+ like we all know is tougher than the rest when you are new to the business. Also making connections here was not a very successful story. This is the time when I decided I should be concentrating on G+ more than others.
Later I did a research on why this happened and I saw that its YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn which brought highest engaging customers with lower bounce rates. Even though FaceBook and Twitter has larger traffic, engaging visitors are lesser in number.

So guys, it’s time you groom your Google+ and LinkedIn profile and start giving it little more attention to these.  Try engaging in various groups.  I’m doing it and will update with my experience soon. Please feel free to share your experience with me and lets all make a better business together ;)

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