Thursday, 26 February 2015

What is a Domain Name?

What's in a Domain Name?

Just like we all have a name and address, all the entities online also have a name address. This name is nothing but domain name and address is the IP address. Each domain name is unique and has all the information about the website or other entity which it represents. Each part of it provides certain information which enable web browsers to locate that particular web page. This avoids any confusions and misconceptions while locating web contents.

How do Domains Work?

In real world many people may have similar names. But a domain name is always unique and it has more than just name in it. It is like a short form which is easy to remember, but has all the information of that particular web content. When a domain name is entered in the browser, the browser retrieves all the information regarding that particular domain name and loads the web contents related with that domain name. (How exactly it does it, I will share in detail in my next post. )

Registering a Domain

To get your domain name, you need to register a domain name with a domain registration providers or also called registrars.  The ICANN regulates and oversees the domain name industry. This is the organization that is responsible for certifying companies as domain name registrars.  These registrar companies provide interfaces to search for available domain names, and they offer a variety of domain name extensions that can be registered at the same time. 

This here is the most basic information about a domain name. I will soon be posting details on different parts of the domain name. Keep checking for the updates, to know more about the domain name and every aspects related to it.  

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