Saturday, 28 February 2015

United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

We all know, in business how important is it, to beat the competition. You got to be continuously working to stay ahead of the competition no matter what your business is.  

When a business is marketed, staying ahead of the competition is one of the most important aspects to consider.  But staying ahead doesn’t always mean you will have to step on them and raise yourself above them.  Marketing strategy these days has changed completely.  When I first started with my small job as a content writer for a marketing company, I was kind of not sure if this Marketing was my cup of tea. Because even though I was interested in writing, I always thought that marketing is for someone who is capable of convincing others on buying anything even though the buyer actually doesn’t need it.  But it is not true anymore. Current marketing focuses on serving the customer to their best so that they come back to them again.  Customer is happy, that means they come to you more often and also suggest you to other. This is the most prominent aspect currently in any business. 

When satisfying customer is the prominent aspect of your business, you will need to join hands with other business which plays a role of their own in your niche. For ex: If you have a local business in your place, it is very much beneficial for you to keep in touch with person who has same business in some other area or even in the same area forgetting the competition. 

·         This helps you in better understanding the customer needs and latest trends in the niche.
·         You can also get some solutions already tried and implemented by other experts in the niche, without wasting your time in experimenting for the solutions to your issues. 

·         Also follow the leaders in your niche, as to keep yourself updated about the latest news in your field.
·         Attend seminars and annual or monthly meets for your niche whenever possible. 

A successful business or even successful life isn’t a hard path if we believe ‘Live and Let live’.

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