Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Is your website accessible from mobile devices?

Is your website accessible from mobile devices? If not, then you may be losing a part of your potential customers already. Make sure to switch to a provider who can make this possible.

Though mobile phones were initially only meant for making calls and sending texts, now we all know we can do a lot more than just that. In this fast phased life everyone wants their work done at the earliest. To get your work done quickly, nothing can be a better option than doing it on your phone.

Getting your work done from home through your computers was a thing two years ago. But now just getting things done online is not enough. People want to be able to do it from anywhere.  Whether its a shopping site, entertainment related sites like gaming sites or sports and movies, government official site where you may need to make certain payment and look for information, bank accounts, etc people want everything to be on their phone. This way they can do their work from anywhere and anytime just when they manage to make themselves free for few minutes in between their busy schedules. Recently there are plenty of researches going on the increasing number of internet users accessing it from mobile. 
Hence if your site is not accessible from mobile phones, you will be losing this group of busy people from visiting your site. Make sure your hosting provider and also the theme which you use are using for your website is mobile friendly if you are using template based website builder. If you are hiring someone for the webdesign, make sure you specify this very clearly to them, so that you will not have to loose any potential customers just because this point skipped out of your mind.

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