Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How to post articles in different pages-WordPress

WordPress is the most efficient and advanced website builder I have ever used. However, the interface and the options available can be quite confusing for beginners.

I had been trying to find a way to be able to post in different pages. That is, I wanted my users to be able to choose a page each for a category and see the posts related to that category in that page. I was searching for an option to create different ‘post page’ for different categories, so that I could make a post in whichever page I wanted to. However, I couldn’t find an option to do so, since WordPress allows only one post page per site. You can create any number of static pages. But only one post page per site is possible.

Many suggested me to post under various categories. However, I was not sure this would get me what I wanted. I wanted my users to be able to choose the page related to particular category directly from navigation menu, where they could find all the posts related to that category. I searched a lot in blogs and forum. But couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. Even if there were few suggestions, they were too complicated. I knew there was something I was missing. It couldn’t be that complicated.

I had almost quit trying and accepted that I can only create categories and post to it and allow the users to see the categories in the side widget. But then I finally found out that I could add categories and posts along with the pages to the menu. This solved it all. Adding categories to the menu will let you list the categories in the navigation menu. Adding the posts under the related category in the menu will let you list the posts under that category in the navigation menu.

If that doesn’t explain enough, here are the detailed steps for the same. 

1. Create a post and add it to the category you wish. Here, I have created ‘Test Post’ and added to ‘Test’ category and published it. 

2. Now go to ‘Menu’ option under ‘Appearance’. 

3. Go to ‘Edit Menus’ and select the category previously created from the list on the left hand side. It will be listed under ‘Categories’.  Now click on ‘Add to Menu’. Select the post added just now and click on ‘Add to Menu’.

4. Now you can see them both listed under the menu on your right hand side. Drag the post and put it under the category name and save the menu.

5. Now when you go to your site and check, you can see that the post just made will be listed in the navigation menu under the same category.  If you click on the category name, you will see all the posts, you have made to that category.

This way you may not actually post under different pages, but you will be able to allow your users to see the posts made to different categories separately.  Please share with us if you have any alternate solutions for this issue. 

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