Sunday, 2 March 2014

A recipe for a successful website

What are the conditions your website should be fulfilling in order to become a successful site? Like we all know ‘content is king’. Content plays the most important role in a website.  But what exactly is a great content?  Well the answer is simple. Whatever creates an interest in your visitors and engage them in any way and make them want to come back again and again. But creating such content is not simple at all. You need to have someone who has a lot of knowledge on whatever your site is out.

Content doesn’t necessarily mean article or blog. It can be anything like video, images, tools which provide output, survey, poll, or anything which would engage your visitors and is useful for them.

Well this was about content. Other than this, there are many other things which would affect the success of your website. Once you have your site all set, the next important step is to get a best domain name for your site. Make sure you have your domain name right. You can refer my previous article on this.

Once you choose your domain name, get a good domain service provider and register your domain name. And the next step is to register a hosting account with hosting service providers. Most of the domain service providers also provide hosting service and the hosting service providers also provide domain service. It is good to have both your providers at one place. This way you’ll always know whom to go to whenever there is any problem with your site and it will be much easier to manage all at one place. But just for these reasons, you shouldn’t be compromising with any of the services. If you feel a company is mainly provide one of the two services and just to have everything in one place it is also providing the other too and it is not as good as the primary service they provide, do not hesitate to go for a different provider for the second service.

Along with the hosting and domain service, some of these providers also provide services like Ecommerce set up, Website creator tools for helping newbie and also allow installing third party service via their account panel.

These are few things you will have to think of before your launch your site.
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