Friday, 4 April 2014

Which is the best social media for your business?

FaceBook,  Google+, Twitter,  LinkedIn and Pinterest are the top social media services used commonly. We all know FaceBook and Twitter are the best ones to stay in touch with friends and to get news from all around us, if we are talking about personal profiles. But if you are to use these for your business, can you say the same? I don’t think so.

Each Social media platform acts differently for different businesses. Depending on what exactly are you intending to do on your social media profile and what exactly is your business about, each one have its own cons and pros.

Basically below are the few reasons why social media is used in business:

·         Introduce themselves to potential customers and make branding.

·         Sustain a constant relationship with the existing customers.

·         Know the customer and market needs pertaining to their business.

·         Get direct sales.

Introducing yourselves out there on the internet is probably the toughest part of all. This is what I’m actually working on right now and I feel FaceBook fall behind here. All the rest like twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ have worked quite well for me until now.  In fact Twitter is doing quite well. But sadly I’m not being able to do much with FB. Since, it is hard to attract followers here, unlike Twitter.

Unlike me, the big brands use their social profiles mostly to sustain a constant relationship with the existing customers and interact and know the customer and market needs pertaining to their business. Most of them also provide customer support via social networks. Its a convenient and faster ways for the clients to get the response.  This way companies get to interact much personally, knowing their issues and needs better.  Even here Twitter has brought the most uptrend.

Getting sales is ofcourse is the ultimate concern of all the companies. Providing informative links to their products, blog and other services is what most of them do for direct sales on social media. Here FB works better for me. You can follow groups and pages you are interested in and post your offers and other updates in those groups.  But chances of attracting followers for your page are hard. Only option seems to me is through your blogs.

Well this was my experience. Please reply with yours. 

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